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Event 1: On-load at marina. Enjoy some homemade cookies from our CFV volunteers. Receive a complimentary pack for the day that includes a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and some other comfort items for your relaxation. 

Event 2: Cruise on the bay and rivers. Enjoy a comfortable cruise on a high speed express cruiser across the open waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Take in the many sights to include the world famous Thomas Point Lighthouse, the Chesapeake Bay Bridges, the colorful sails of the windjammers, and enjoy some unique historical perspectives from our seasoned crew.

Event 3: Enjoy a barbecue lunch provided from our the best open pit barbecue in Edgewater, Md and some homemade cookies from our CFV team. 
Event 4: Wildlife cruise in the Rhodes River. Enjoy the resident ospreys that make their homes nested in the buouys along the inner waters. Partake in a hands-on experience pulling in the famous Maryland Blue Crab. Cast a line in the calm waters of Pirates Cove for some relaxing fishing and wildlife viewing.  Enjoy a swim on the sandy shores of Flat Island.

Event 5:  The race is on. Fire up CFV's 40mph remote control boats and race your fellow veterans around our custom laid course.
Event 6: Cruise to marina. Enjoy a relaxing cruise back to the marina. Cold drinks are served and music of choice is pumped through the stereo system.
Event 7: Off-load at the relaxing calm of Shady Oaks Marina in West River, Maryland.

*   CFV will take care in planning the cruise based off of the veteran(s) disabilities/availability.

*   Services will cater to 1-6 veterans at a time.




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